I Am the Lord Who Heals You

by Dr. Scott Morris

In these sixteen sermons, well-known preachers explore their belief that the faith community has an important role to play in healing. 

"What I hope the reader will take away from this collection in the deeply held belief that the issue of healing permeates our relationship with God at almost every level. The body that God has given us is more than an empty shell that holds our spirit. The body is instead an integral part of the relationship we have with the Creator. When it is broken or diseased, the spirit suffers. When the spirit is bruised, the body is disturbed. Healing is a daily process that teaches us to be more fully in communion with God. Healing must not be relegated to the physicians and the healthcare system. Instead, the faith community is expected to make healing a central issue in all matters of hope, love, and compassion. The common thread through each sermon is the very notion. Healing is a process, which seeks to make us whole, and our relationship with God is, in part, dependent on healing continually taking place."  

- G. Scott Morris, MD, from the introduction

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