Church Health Reader

Spring 2018: Congregations and Whole-Child Health
Summer 2016: Ecology and the Outdoors
Winter 2016: Living Our Limits
Fall 2015: Trauma and Moral Injury
Summer 2015: Sports and Recreation
Summer 2011: Food and Faith
Spring 2015: Christian Healing
Winter 2014/15: The Journey of Recovery
Summer 2014: Joy, Humor, and Healing
Fall 2014: Poverty, Health and the Church
Summer 2013: Food, Faith, and Community
Winter 2012: Mental Illness and the Church
Fall 2012: Faithful Health Care
Summer 2012: Why Movement Matters
Winter 2011: HIV AIDS and the Church
Fall 2011: Dying Well
Spring 2011: Rethinking the Separation of Church and Health
Spring 2014: Partnerships in Health Ministry
Winter 2013: Faith and Cancer
Fall 2018: Congregational Care for Clergy Health