Fall 2011: Dying Well


The Last Place on Earth
by Susan Palwick
Death is Not the Enemy
by Martha R. Jacobs
Learning How to Die: Q&A with Stanley Hauerwas
by Sarah Stoneking
Discussing Death: Conversation with Carole and Hal Stoneking
by Sarah Stoneking
A Creature’s Challenge
by Kendra Hotz and Matthew Mathews
A Good Funeral: Q&A with Thomas G. Long
by Stacy Smith
APPEAL: End-of-Life Curriculum for African Americans
Richard Payne
End of Life Resources:
The Unbroken Circle: A Toolkit for Congregations Around Illness, End of Life and Grief
Sacred Dying: Creating Rituals and Embracing End of Life
A Note from Our Founder, Dr. Scott Morris
Healthy Eating
Tips for Handling Depression
Make Your Bulletin Board Pop!
Dying for a Drink
Making Crosses: A Creative Connection to God
Living L'Arche
Ask Deborah: Health Themes - Planning Ahead
by Deborah Patterson
Comfort Dogs
by Jennifer Halupnik
Bridging the Divide: Q&A with Teresa Cutts
by John Shorb
Hymn of Healing: Christ, Heal Me Twice
by Stacy Smith
A Place of Beauty and Peace
by Stacy Smith
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