Winter 2019 I Chronic Pain: The Faith Community in the Presence of Pain




In the Winter 2019 issue, Church Health Reader focuses on chronic pain and how congregations can understand, serve and be present to people in pain. Inside the Winter 2019 issue on chronic pain:

  • The Mission of God in Times of Pain: Course Corrections to the Unseen Path. Pastor and author Aubrey Sampson helps us understand the interrelationship between physical pain, emotional pain, and spiritual pain.   
  • Hearing True Stories: How the Gospel Makes Sense of Chronic Pain Narratives, by Ellen Painter Dollar. Chronic pain often is not curable. It is something we must learn to manage and live with. The good news is that the gospel has a lot to say about this.  
  • Alone in My Body: Incarnational Needs in a Life of Physical Pain, by Liuan Huska. As we follow Jesus, God made flesh, it is crucial to hold the spiritual and physical together. When we do these things, we create space for those with chronic pain to listen to their bodies.  
  • Caring Cultures: How Congregations Respond to the Sickby Susan J. Dunlap. How does the culture of a congregation shape the way it responds to people in chronic pain? Based in part on the author’s academic study, this piece weaves in stories of congregations caring for people in pain.


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