Winter 2014/15: The Journey of Recovery | Digital Download


The Journey of Recovery
Bonding Through Brokenness
by Heather Kopp
A Higher Power
by Katie Givens Kime
Recovery and Redemption: Q&A with William Moyers
by Stacy Smith
Cradle to Grave
by Susan Palwick
A Memoir of Mercy: Review of Heather Kopp's Sober Mercies
by Kat Franchino
Non-Anonymous: Review of the film The Anonymous People
by Butch Odom
8 Things to Know about 12-step Meetings
by Church Health Reader Editors
Programs and Models
Rock On
by John Klyce Minervini
Worship at the Way
by Kat Franchino
Health Care, the Whole Person and Community Engagement
by Antony Sheehan, Maureen Bisognano, and Robert Waller
What I Learn From Marty: So Many Closed Doors
by Larry Kinard
Lifelines: Resolutely Christmas
by Scott Morris
Editor’s Note
The Bulletin:
Ministry Moment: Building the Blessings of Bikes
Review of Religion as a Social Determinant of Public Health
Red Dress Sunday
Bulletin Board health ministry events
How to Cook Locally in the Winter Healthy Flyer
Model Moments:
Faith Life: Review of Help and Hope: Disaster Preparedness and Response Tools for Congregations
Movement: Liturgy as the Work-OUT of the People
Medicine: Freedom From Smoke
Work: Life in Action: Q&A with the Carter Center's Karin Ryan
Emotional: Creating Space for Healing: Making a Mandala
Food: How to Eat a First-Century Meal with Your Family
Friends and Family: Review of Practicing Care in Rural Congregations and Communities
When is Helping Enabling?
by Butch Odom
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