Faith and Health in the Bible: Digital Download



A health class at church? What is that about? It’s about engaging with a fundamental dimension of the gospel. Jesus cares about making and keeping people well. Since its early centuries, the church has expressed compassion for the poor through health ministries. More recently, though, we have separated our health and our faith into distinct compartments that rarely intersect. Jesus said he came so we can have abundant life. In Body and Spirit: Faith and Health in the Bible, we explore the gospels to discover the connection between spirituality and wellness. The Bible has a lot to say about this connection. This is not just a class for health nuts. This is a class for everyone seeking to discover how to connect your health and your faith now. Filled with thought-provoking questions, this study will serve as a starting point for conversation about health ministry in your church setting as well as your community.


Please note this is a digital download. You may copy and distribute this resource to your congregation or community for non-commercial ministry use. Please allow up to 48 hours for the download to be delivered.

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