See All the People: Digital Download



Want to get a conversation going about how churches can address and support health needs? See All the People is a group activity to start discussions and envision what health ministry can look like in congregations of any size. The core of this experience is a role-play exercise that engages participants in fresh points of view about representative characters who are present, in some form, in most congregations. 

Learn to ask the important questions: 

  • How do health issues impact the congregation?
  • What issues are congregation members living with?  
  • How can the church minister to the faith community’s health? 

See All the People helps leaders understand how health issues impact the ability of members of the congregation to participate fully in the life of the congregation. Through role-playing and group problem-solving, this activity is designed to help people see health ministry in a new light and move with energy toward a vibrant vision for health ministry as an essential element of church life. Start the discussion in your church today.


Craving more Health Ministry guidance? This book is also a part of our Health Ministry Starter Kit. Check it out!

Please note this is a digital download. You may copy and distribute this resource to your congregation or community for non-commercial ministry use.

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