Seasoning Lent (Vol. 2 / Year B) Digital Download


Seasoning Lent: 40 Days of Recipes and Reflections is an eight-week devotional activity designed for the Christian season of Lent. It invites you to cook simple, delicious meals as a part of your spiritual practice for this season. Rather than “giving up” a food you enjoy for Lent, Seasoning Lent invites you to “take up” the practice of preparing and enjoying healthy, delicious food.
All of the 40 recipes in Seasoning Lent were created by Church Health staff and have been tested and refined in our Nutrition Kitchen where we offer daily classes on food preparation and cooking for the thousands of patients and clients we serve in Memphis, TN. They are healthy, economical and easy to prepare.

Please note this is a digital download. You may copy and distribute this resource to your congregation or community for non-commercial ministry use.

Seasoning Lent Vol. 1 / Year A available here.

Seasoning Lent Vol. 2 / Year B available here. 

Seasoning Lent Vol. 3 / Year C (Digital Download) available here. 

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