Gift Giving Guide

Find gifts for everyone on your list! 

  • Your Pastor
  • Your Faith Community Nurse
  • Your Volunteers
  • Your Chaplain or Pastoral Counselor
  • Your Health Promoters
  • Your Child Caregivers and Workers
  • Your Musicians and Choir

    For Your Pastor

    Show your appreciation for your clergy by giving them thought-provoking resources on faith and health!


      Clergy Gift Set - $30                     Gentle Rebel  - $15                     Stations of the Cross - $20                         I am the Lord - $10


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    For a Faith Community Nurse

    Give a meaningful gift to someone who gives so much energy and effort to keeping your faith community happy and healthy!


      Gentle Rebel - $15                  Health Ministry Advice - $12              Prayers for the Soul - $7.50           Health Ministry Starter Kit - $40


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    Thank Your Volunteers

    Thank the people who dedicate their time to serving your ministry, committee or health ministry team!


    Have a Blessed Day - $10            Walking to the Manger - $4                 Mealtime Blessings - $4                CH Reader Subscription - $20 & up


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    For Your Chaplains/Pastoral Counselor 

    Be gracious to your chaplains and Pastoral counselors by invigorating their ministry with these resources!


     Stations of the Cross - $20              Gentle Rebel - $15                  CH Reader Subscription - $20 & up            Have a Blessed Day - $10


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    For Your Health Promoter 

    Thank your community's Health Promoter with resources to support them in their work in faith and health!


       Walk & Talk - $10                Model for Healthy Living - $10            Introducing Beekeeping - $10               Stronger Together - $15


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    For Child Caregivers and Workers 

    Whether daycare workers, Sunday School teachers, or instructors, show appreciation to those who spend so much time nurturing and teaching children!


      Alphabet Appetite - $30               Mealtime Blessings - $4                  Have a Blessed Day - $10


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    For Music Lovers 

    Don't forget the musicians! This CD is great for your church's choir, music director, pianist, and cantors.

    Newly Reduced Price! Now $5!

    The Water is Wide - was $15

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