Church Health Reader Joy, Humor, and Healing

Issue Summer 2014, Joy, Humor, and Healing



Joy, Humor, Healing
Playing Through 
by Sharon Pavelda
Laughter Is the Best Medicine
by Susan Sparks
Seriously Funny Spirituality: Q&A with Fr. James Martin
by Stacy Smith
I Draw Smiles 
by Nick Nixon
Special Online Features:
"A Play-Full Life": Slowing Down and Seeking Peace
by Jaco Hamman
Laughing to Healing 
by Teri Thomas
Programs and Models
A Liturgy of Laughs 
by Mary Boland
Send in the Clowns! 
by Alex Chamberlain
Bodily Blessings: Neighborly Spaces 
by Susan Palwick
Interfacing: Living in a New Reality 
by Bill Holmes
What I Learn From Marty: Every Now and Then
by Larry Kinard
Lifelines: Of Little League and Holy Ground 
by Scott Morris
Editor’s Note
CH Bulletin:
Disability: Myth or Fact?
Eat Food. Not Too Much. Mostly Plants: 5 Questions for Michael Pollan 
A Swimming Success: Good Shepherd Episcopal Church in Jacksonville, FL
Splashy Summer "Mocktails"
Holy Play: The Joyful Adventure of Unleashing Your Divine Purpose
Practical Care Tips for Those in the Lyme Fight
The Soul of a Doctor: Harvard Medical Students Face Life and Death
Healthy Eating:
Spicy Watermelon Salsa
Fresh Food for Thought Flyer
Kid’s Coloring Page
Copper Coins 
by Nia Zalamea

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