Dust and Breath

By Kendra G. Hotz and Matthew T. Mathews 

Dust and Breath: Faith, Health, and Why the Church Should Care about Both invites the Christian community into an expansive vision of salvation that includes ministries of health and healing. Inspired by the work of a remarkable ministry in Memphis, Tennessee, Kendra Hotz and Matthew Mathews show why the church must care about both faith and health. 

In this book Hotz and Mathews articulate the theological significance of the Church Health Center and other church ministries like it. Replete with real-life stories and practical examples, Dust and Breath shows how such ministries can help give hope and restore wholeness to communities in amazing ways.

"God created us to be whole human beings. Our bodies and spirits are one, yet the healthcare system has tried to lead the church to care only about the spiritual world. Hotz and Mathews wonderfully remind us of the theological roots of our humanity. Their message is one that every person of faith needs to hear." 
                                            - Scott Morris, Executive Director, Church Health Center


About the Authors

Kendra G. Hotz is assistant professor of religious studies at Rhodes College, Memphis, Tennessee. 

Matthew T. Mathews is professor of theology at Memphis Theological Seminary. 

They both serve as Theologians-in-Residence at the Church Health Center.

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