Get My People Going! Participant Guide

by Deborah Patterson

Most people don't need an extreme health makeover. We have some healthy habits, even if we don't realize it. On the flip side, we all have some area where we would like to see improvement. But feeling alone or uncertain keeps us from setting firm goals. Get My People Going! invites people of all ages into a community experience of naming the areas where we need better health, and then making changes step-by-step that will improve health of both body and spirit.

The participant guide contains:

  • Biblical reflections from the book of Exodus
  • Personal assessment and goal setting tools
  • Inspirational and practical tips
  • Encouraging stories from health ministries in other churches
  • Prayers
  • Tools for tracking progress

Rev. Dr. Deborah Patterson is the executive director of Northwest Parish Nurse Ministries and author ofHealth Ministries: A Primer for Clergy and Congregations and The Essential Parish Nurse. She also writes an advice column, "Ask Deborah," for Church Health Reader, answering readers' questions on health ministry.

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