If Your Heart is Like My Heart

“If your heart is like my heart, then give me your hand.” —John Wesley
Awaken the imagination to what is possible when people of faith respond to God’s call.
We’ve forgotten that the key to being healthy is realizing we’re not on the path alone. When we’re not well, it affects the entire system in which we live and work and play. When we grasp our shared humanity rather than resisting it, the mirror becomes less dim, and we begin to cast light on questions of health and healthcare. Wholeness and wellness are necessities for the kind of world we want to create, a world that regards individuals with worth and dignity because God regards them that way. Bound up in our shared humanity is our shared pilgrimage of health and faith. In community, both in body and spirit, we journey together toward the heart of God. 
  • Two Methodist ministers find where their pilgrimages of faith and health intersect in Memphis, Tennessee, as Shane Stanford discovers Scott Morris’s work at the Church Health Center serving the underserved.
  • Probes faith-based insights on how congregations can talk about health and community in people-centered ways.
REV. SHANE STANFORD, senior pastor of Christ United Methodist Church in Memphis, travels extensively sharing his journey as an HIV+ hemophiliac. Shane spoke, at the invitation of Rick and Kay Warren, at the Global AIDS Summit for Saddleback Community Church in California. He is the author of 15 books, including When God Disappears, A Positive Life, and The CURE for the Chronic Life (coauthored with Deanna Favre). He is also the cohost of the TV program “We Believe  in Memphis.”
REV. SCOTT MORRIS, MD, is the founder and CEO of the Church Health Center in Memphis, Tennessee, the largest faith-based healthcare ministry of its type. For nearly 30 years, he has spurred ecumenical support among hundreds of congregations and the medical and business communities to provide quality healthcare to the uninsured population of Memphis working in low-wage jobs. In addition to working as a family practice physician, Dr. Morris is an ordained United Methodist minister. He is the author of Health Care You Can Live With.
SUSAN MARTINS MILLER has been a publishing professional for 30 years as an author, editor, collaborative writer, and product developer. Her body of work includes fiction, non-fiction, and spiritual formation resources for use in congregational settings.

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