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We often think of prevention as something entirely individual, but congregations can do this corporately. In this issue of Church Health Reader, we explore how to practice prevention together and weave these concepts of caring for one another into the fabric of our churches and communities.

Inside the Spring 2019 issue on prevention:

  • Created for Whole-hearted Living: Honoring God with Care of the Body, by Susan Martins Miller. Our lives of stewardship glorify and honor God, including when we steward our bodies. Care of our health is vital to living in communion with God.
  • Opening Eyes with Lifestyle Medicine: Q&A with Dr. Dexter Shurney, by Rachel Davis. For thirty years Dr. Shurney has influenced health insurance and corporate policy to better support preventive medicine.
  • Health, Faith, and Prevention: A Place for Congregations to Care,by Manny Sethi. A trauma surgeon reflects on ways churches can support their members and the communities they serve with information and encouragement on preventative practices for better health.
  • Health, Behavior, and Society: Asking the Larger Questions of Prevention
    by Darriel Harris. A pastor and public health scientists explores how deprived neighborhoods are created by the choices made by people who will never live in them. What are the social causes of health-related suffering and how can the church be an advocate for neighborhood transformation? 
  • Tips for Celebrating Men's Health Month at your Church: Four ways to support healthy habits
  • Moving Meditation for Body and Spirit: Church-based tai chi relieves stress, improves health
  • Meeting People Where They Are: Basics for forming a support group


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