Summer 2018: Mindfulness and Meditation | Digital Download



This issue of Church Health Reader explores the place of mindfulness and meditation in Christian tradition and opening ourselves to the presence of God, an understanding of how mindfulness helps us step back from thought patterns that cause us harm, our honest struggles with prayer and contemplation, and the research that demonstrates simple practices of mindfulness can be easily learned and used in a few minutes each day to improve our health.

Inside this issue:

  • Mindfulness in the Christian Tradition: Illustrations from the Gospels, by Tim Stead. Using examples from the Gospels, Tim Stead explores mindfulness as an expression of Christian faith.  
  • Taking Every Thought Captive: Watchfulness for healthy stress management, by Philip G. Monroe. Much of our lives are reactive and anxiety-based. Mindfulness includes stepping back from the judgments that are at the root of our stress.  
  • Will It Really Make Me Feel Better? The research on mindfulness and medicine, by Jane Slatery. Research has proven the health benefits of practicing mindfulness, particularly in the areas of concentration, chronic illness, stress management, inflammation, pain management, and addiction.  
  • The Way of the Pilgrim: Learning prayer in the mindful lifeby Scott Morris. Church Health founder Dr. Scott Morris shares his journey to a prayerful life and recounts how learning the Jesus Prayer didn't make his stressful circumstances go away but did help him weather the storms of life.


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