The Parish Nurse

By Granger E. Westberg with Jill Westberg McNamara

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Here, Granger Westberg presents a creative, new way for congregations to provide a wholistic ministry to their members. His parish nurse program brings nurses onto congregations' staffs to work as ministers of health on a part-time or full-time basis. In this way congregations can play an increasingly important role in keeping people spiritually and physically healthy and giving leadership in the field of preventative medicine.

Parish nurses serve as health educators, health counselors, volunteer trainers, and support group organizers. In hundreds of congregations, this program has been well received by clergy and church members.

"To us, having a parish nurse is a concrete expression of the healing ministry and gospel of Jesus" -Rev. Richard Kaeske

"There are lots of ways a congregation can express that it is a place of health and healing, but a parish nurse is very visible and makes the most sense to people." -Carl Bostrom

About the Author

Granger E. Westberg is the author of the best-selling book, Good Grief. He has been a pioneer in the relation of religion and medicine, serving as pastor, chaplain, professor, and consultant to hospitals across the country. 

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