Transitional Care Training Guide


By Katora P. Campbell, DrPH, MSN, RN-BC

Transitional Care Training Guide for Faith Community Nurses equips the faith community nurse to be a successful bridge between the medical system and the faith community. Often patients discharged from the hospital are at risk of being readmitted within a month because they do not understand discharge instructions, they have no one to advocate for them, and they do not have organized support for practical tasks. The faith community nurse understands the medical issues, and the faith community is eager to express care if they know the need.

This helpful guide looks in detail at the role the nurse plays in coming alongside individuals in a vulnerable period of time after a hospital discharge and polishes the nurse’s skills in assessing need, planning care and interventions—including non-medical support that a health ministry team can provide—and evaluating the process for improvements. By taking a wholistic approach to care, the faith community nurse helps ensure a successful transition from hospital to home and eliminates unnecessary hospital admissions.

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